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Raising Moxie℠ educational services teaches adults how to create environments, which can cultivate courage and wellness in kids.

The Model: Surf'sUP Method℠

Following her teaching experiences at MIT with Dr. Richard Fletcher, Dr. Hodges became more determined to think about the impact of circadian biology and stress on the development of mental illness and mental wellness. Within her private practice, she began to refine her approach to include more emphasis on manageable stress, healthy circadian rhythms, and stress-related growth, and this became her Surf'sUP Method℠. Whereas in her private practice Dr. Hodges uses Surf'sUP Method℠ for clinical purposes, at Raising Moxie℠ she teaches Surf'sUP Method℠ in an educational service delivery format.

Learning about Surf'sUP Method℠, you will:​

  1. Understand what factors enhance kids' life skills, emotional capacity, and psychological endurance.

  2. Gain a deeper insight into youth's needs and perceptions.

  3. Strengthen situational awareness and mindfulness skills.

  4. Learn communication skills associated with decreased stress in youth, and be able to practice these skills in role play situations. 

  5. Appreciate stress-related growth, and learn how stress can be paced and used to support childhood development.

  6. Gain knowledge about developmentally-appropriate expectations and boundaries, and master boundary setting in role-play experiences.

  7. Be able to apply the concepts learned to adjust youth programs in clinical, educational, and community settings so that they better incorporate wisdom from psychological science.

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