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Raising Moxie Educational Offerings

Next 2-day Course
Friday-Saturday Sept 20-21, 2024

Dr. Hodges' Keynote

This lecture is a profound 2-hour exploration of childhood development, delving into how various systems have veered from science, contributing to the mental health crisis. Dr. Hodges discusses the current state of our youth and offers a picture of what could be achieved if society prioritizes children's needs. She concludes by outlining how Raising Moxie aims to help adults nurture children towards emotional resilience and overall well-being globally. 

On-Site Training for Organizations

This program has garnered great feedback from schools! This course enables six staff members to learn the Surf'sUP Method through case consultations over several weeks. Each participant receives a workbook and detailed training on effective communication strategies for supporting youth wellness. This program is our fastest-growing initiative. 6 workbooks included.

2-Day Course 

Our most sought-after offering, co-led by Dr. Hodges and a colleague from educational, medical, community, or university backgrounds. The training spans 12 hours over two days, from 9 am to 4 pm, with a lunch break at downtown Concord's local cafes or restaurants. Held in our Concord, MA classroom, it can accommodate 8 students at a time, allowing for small group break-out sessions. This setup offers a tailored experience for adults seeking Dr. Hodges' instruction to help the young people in their lives to thrive. Surf'sUP Method workbook included. And, at the end of the course, students receive a certificate for professional development hours.

moxie in action!

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